Business Sponsorship

ICONS_icon-teamThe CWE values its partnerships with businesses to support the cultural life of our community.  We very much appreciate the involvement of a number of businesses that provide financial support to our concert season and educational programs.

Looking for a way to be involved?  Here are some ideas:

CWE Business Partnerships

Concert Program Advertisements

Advertisements in our concert programs reach educated audience members who are interested in the community and would love to support our sponsors.  Please consider advertising in our concert programs.

CWE program ad size and rate 1718

CWE program ad order form 1718


CWE program ads full-season (7 issues)

CWE program ads Feb 10 & 11 2018 (double issue)

CWE program ad April 7 2018 (single issue)

CWE program ad May 19 (single issue)

Please contact us and let us know if you can support the CWE in these or other ways!

Many thanks!